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Security and CCTV Systems
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Please note that  prices on all CCTV Equipment are in revision

All Paradox prices decreased. Please subtract ±10% from indicated prices

Affordable and  Reliable Alarm Security Systems . We supply the most reliable Alarm Systems and Security Systems in Northern Gauteng. Alarman can also arrange installation of products obtained from us by qualified installers for the Gauteng North Area. Areas included are Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Northern Johannesburg, Northern Randburg, some areas of Hartebeespoortdam and some surrounding areas.

For security that is simple, powerful and flexible, Alarman will have the best system for your home and business. Benefit from convenient wireless alarm technology and automate your security system for increased ease of use. Add an GSM module with a voice command module and your alarm system can talk to you where ever your cell phone works. Remember that most Paradox items are compatable with each other. Alarman is your security solution with PARADOX Alarm Systems, Digiplex, Spectra, Magellan Wireless Alarm Control Panels & Digiguard Digital Motion detectors for the security industry since 2001 - The only true digital motion detectors to this day for conventional alarm systems. Pardox or INIM will be the system of choice for the bigger homes including large office blocks. Here we start with 8 Zone capability up to 192/100 Zones.

We are also stockist of the very popular MAMI wireless alarm products that normally suit the pocket with the extra benefit of an build-in GSM unit at little extra cost compared to our other imported alarm systems. This is the ideal system for the smaller premises like town houses, flats, small shops, holiday cottages and camping/caravanning. The panel can be easely connected to any armed reaction company with 8  ready programmed outputs in the unit for panic, burglary, system low battery, wireless devices low battery, power failure and arm status. This is more than what the bigger systems offer without extra cost. MAMI proved themself over many years as an innovative designer and manufacturer of wireless alarm equipment for the South African security industry. The popular M6 Home-guard GSM alarm system is notable in this regard.

The new Pepper Spray DIY BurglarSpray Compact 300 wireless series alarm come with the GSM integrated in the box and upgraded to look very clean and neat if compared to our conventional unit with GSM. The sound bomb is now also internal, only the two antennas are visible on the side. The PIR is wireless, making the positioning very easy and more accurate. A second PIR can be added without the need of user programming as we already made provision for it. Just buy one Wireless BurglarSpray PIR from us and add it to your BurglarSpray system.

Add Alarman CCTV to your security and see who is visiting your premises at all hours. On some advanced installations, you can even view your site from your Cellular phone or any other PC with supplied viewing software (CMS) installed on that computer, but an fast ADSL line must be connected to the DVR and the router must support 'Port Forwarding'. The cellphone app is free for Android phones and can be downloaded from the app store. The Italian designed Inim Alarm system also have an add-on facility to view 4 cameras from the alarm system.

Alarman would like to thank Myfotograaf for all the photographic material supplied or edited on this website.

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This month's DIY Specials will save you money, we have a lot more specials than listed!

30% Discount for Qualified PSIRA Installers & 25% discount for Proficient Handyman (DIY) Customers. Ask for a installation quote and also qualify for discount!

Battery, Ultimate Lithium, FR-6, AA Energizer 1.5V
  R 43.75
R 35.00
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  Brand : Energizer  
  Product Code:  BAT-ENE-LIT-AA  
Paradox Magellan MG5050: MG32LED K/P. Box. 2x M
  R 6991.62
R 5244.00
Click For Details 
  Brand : Paradox  
  Product Code:  ACP-MAG-MG5050-KIT-LED32-F-R2  
Paradox Magellan MG-6250 GSM Console
  R 5025.12
R 3100.00
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  Brand : Paradox  
  Product Code:  ACP-MAG-MG6250-CON-GSM  
BurglarSpray, Compact 300 Wireless GSM Alarm
  R 5700.00
R 4450.00
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  Brand : BurglarSpray  
  Product Code:  GAS-BS-DOMESTIC-COMPACT 300-GSM  
Paradox Spectra SP-6000. MG32LCD Keypad. Box.2x Pr
  R 5073.00
R 3805.00
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  Brand : Paradox  
  Product Code:  ACP-SPE-6000-16-LCD-FULL  
BurglarSpray Pepper Gas Alarm + GSM
  R 6840.00
R 5100.00
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  Brand : BurglarSpray  
  Product Code:  GAS-BS-COMMERC-300-INC. GSM  
BurglarSpray Pepper Gas Alarm
  R 4788.00
R 3560.00
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  Brand : BurglarSpray  
  Product Code:  GAS-DOM-TSNS2-100  
BurglarSpray Pepper Gas SLAVE
  R 2508.00
R 1950.00
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  Brand : BurglarSpray  
  Product Code:  KIT-GAS-BS-TSNS2-SLAVE-300  
Paradox Magellan MG-5050 Ful Kit LCD Rem2
  R 7315.38
R 4590.00
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  Brand : Paradox  
  Product Code:  Paradox Magellan MG-5050 Ful Kit LCD Rem2  
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