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BurglarSpray is a compact alarm and security system with a warning device and pepper gas intruder deterrent. Armed remotely via cell phone or remote control with activation display, digital interfacing and short message system (SMS) notification as standard features on the commercial model. The GSM module may be added to the domestic Model at extra cost or select our wireless Compact 300 with build-in GSM and wireless PIR.
The Armed Reaction Company may take up to 15 minutes or longer to arrive at your site, but with BurglarSpray the intruder is stopped in is actions within seconds from activating the alarm. This system prooved over many years that it served its purpose on each and every site.
Burglar Spray, Pepper Spray, OC Spray by Alarman Security - Centurion, Gauteng.

Pepper Spray Alarm Features

This is a pro-active expandable security system that accurately detect and immobilizes an intruder the moment it enters the protected area. The system is armed via a remote control or a SMS send to the unit. The pepper gas burglar spray unit reports via SMS its status the moment it changes condition. The system release a short burst of highly concentrated pepper spray into the protected area. This inhibited the intruder for several minutes. Allowing time for the Police and Armed Reaction to arrive on site and remove the intruder. After activation, the system also reports via SMS to Alarman technical team a service call to check the system and refill the gas cartridges If the alarm is set of again it will follow above sequence again. 
Burglar Spray, Pepper Spray, OC Spray by Alarman

Pepper Spray Alarm Purpose

The purpose of this alarm security system and pepper gas discharge device is twofold:
Firstly, when armed and an intruder is detected by the sensor's "Pet" friendly properties. This sensor starts detection the moment it appear in the detectors sight and the intruder enters the protected area. The moment the intruder enters the protected area, it confirms the validity of an intrusion and activates the alarm process. It will make an audible sound for a short period, and activate a blast of highly concentrated OC (pepper) gas for a specified time. This will be enough to inhibit the actions of the intruder for a few minutes, giving the police or security services time to arrive on site and remove the perpetrators. This system is reliable and cannot be easily “cheated”.
Burglar Gas, Pepper Gas, OC Gas by Alarman
Secondly, it also sends signals via SMS back to preprogrammed cell phones to notify the responsible persons of activation by an intruder and also to indicate the activation status of the unit (armed, disarmed, alarm activated, SIM Card needs recharging with SMS Bundle as required) This system also request a service call towards the installation/service company after a positive gas discharge
Active Burglar Spray using Pepper Spray also called OC Spray by Alarman

Visible indications of Pepper Gas Alarm System

A visible indication by means of Led’s shows the following status:
Blue Solid on                     System Armed.
Blue Flashing                     System was activated in the Armed mode and sprayed gas.
The canister will last for ±7 spray @ 3 second cycles (300ml can lasts ±35seconds).
We use the highly efficient SWAT-OPS 10% Oleoresin Capsicum 1,5 Million SHU Pepper Fog as supplied to us directly by SWAT-OPS.
The other main advantage is that this supplier only use non-flammable propellant in the very safe mono-block high pressure Aluminium canisters.
Burglar Spray, Pepper Spray, OC Spray by Alarman Pretoria

Pepper Spray Alarm Power supply

Power supply to the unit consists of a mains power pack with a Dual Surge protection circuit.  A sealed lead acid battery which can last up to 48 Hours, serve as a backup in case of a power failure

What is Pepper Spray or Pepper Gas also called? Answer: The technical name is Oleoresin Capsicum

Alarman Pepper Spray is also called Pepper Gas and is made up of a formula containing up to 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) this is quite simply the strongest OC formula permitted for use by law. It is non-toxic and most important of all also non-flammable. The effects of the pepper spray (OC) can last up to 120 minutes. Alarman’s BurglarSpray Pepper Spray Alarm units can cover large areas, depending on the particular installation and amount of pepper spray discharge units in the protected area, ±280 cubic meters/ discharge
This new pro-active pepper spray agent, Oleoresin Capsicum, is a derivative of hot cayenne peppers. OC is an inflammatory agent, different from an irritant like army style tear gas. When the pepper spray contacts the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, symptoms will appear instantly. The capillaries of the eyes will immediately dilate, causing temporary shutdown of the eyes and also temporary blindness. Instant inflammation of the breathing tissues will create difficulty in breathing; the victim will however still be able to breathe. Oleoresin Capsicum spray will not cause lasting aftereffects, however the short term effects are quite effective. Can you remember the last time you handled some Very Hot Chili and accidentally rubbed your eyes? This is a lot stronger!
The term Oleoresin Capsicum refers to chili peppers. Jalapenos, cayenne, chiletpin and habaneros are all chili peppers used to produce Pepper Spray or Pepper Gas as some people call it. An effective spray allows that the burglar be disabled until the police or armed reaction take control of the situation.
BurglarSpray is effective against all burglars. Also against perpetrators who cannot feel normal levels of pain like psychotics, drug and alcohol abusers will also be affected by Oleoresin Capsicum spray. 

Pepper Spray Antidote

If you are accidentally sprayed with BurglarSpray then you will need someone to assist you as you will not be able to help yourself. Follow this link and copy the detail from that website. It is a proven method according to them. We have tested various methods and it still burned for several hours, Alarman also sell Teargas and Pepper Spray Decontaminant to our clients, but must be noted - NOT TO OTHERS, only to existing clients!

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