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Remote Control


Since the introduction of Radio technology as an engineering tool in the mid 1940’s, it took off with a bang during the 1960’s and today we can’t go to work without a Wireless remote control in our pocket!
We aim to reduce the amount of remote controls you have to carry with you. We easily combine up to six functions into one remote!
Maximum six functions for normal use, if you select the six button  Sherlotronics type remote.
  1. Gate Motor (Button 1)
  2. Garage Door Operator 1 (Button 2)
  3. Garage Door Operator 2 (Button 3)
  4. Alarm System indoors (Button 4)
  5. Alarm System Outdoors (Button 5)
  6. Remote Panic Button  (Button 6)

During the earlier years the radio frequencies weren't’t all allocated to cope with the technology boom of our time, no blame on anybody for not seeing the future of remote controls! I.C.A.S.A. now reallocated the radio frequency spectrum to match global tendencies. These mean that some radio frequencies became redundant for that particular entity that used to manufacture in that band, as they are now allocated to other users. Like the old faithful 403MHz 12 bit Dip Switch type Sentry remotes (black with red button) are now allocated as a voice band. All these old code remotes will be phased out over time.

The previous addition to the old wireless remote controls is the “Code Grabber” remotes. These types of remotes are now freely available on the market and can be purchased from any alarm security store. These products are convenient for the retail industry, because one product can read various types of remote codes. I.e. French, Binary, trinary, Smart. The advantages are first, quick code transfer from an old or existing remote to a newly purchases remote control. This is also convenient for the criminal to obtain YOUR code by patiently waiting outside your gate and “grab” your code when someone opens your gate!
The new security frequency is the 433MHz band. All new remotes must preferrably be in this bandwidth.
The latest improvement to the 433MHz remote control is the Code Hopping technology. This makes it impossible for criminals with “code grabbers” to pinch your code. Each time the remote controls transmit, it sends out a new encrypted code!
Alarman just added the “Sherlo” code hopping remote controls to our range of excellent products. 
We only sell quality wireless remote controls from the code hopping category. We prefer Sherlotronics Remotes as we never had any problems with them.
Alarman can custom assemble devices to remotely control various items for you or connect it to the alarm security system installed by yourself as an DIY kit or by Alarman to even switch remote flood lights. With GSM Technology you can Arm and Disarm your alarm system Voice MP3 Module plugged into the Paradox dedicated GSM module as part of your paradox alarm system.
Considering the versatility of some new GSM modules, remote controls now make it possible to open a gate any place in the world from the leisure of your TV Couch, as long as you have access to it with your cell phone! All you have to do is give that specific Cell Phone Number a missed call and if your number is programmed into it, it will react to that and activate a Relay on the GSM Module! As easy as eating pie. The advantage on this stage is that Prices came down as popularity increased! We see the vast amount of opportunities for these products like the gates at smaller security complexes, farm gates in remote areas, farm water control and management plus a lot more.