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DIY Security Products for the Handyman

DIY Alarm System, DIY Pepper Spray Alarm, DIY Outdoor Alarm System 

Probably you can do it! Many layman,Handyman, technician and engineer have undertaken a DIY alarm system installation project like this and had great fun and success. Your own ability will be your first consideration in a project like this. You might need to enroll for an evening course in basic electronics or electrical theory, if you did not do science as a high school subject!  Don’t under estimate your own abilities. Alarman started this very same way. I had a engineering Diploma in Heavy Current and Higher Certificate in electronics before my first attempt. First installing our own professional alarm system and only then did we install our first alarm system at Small Fry Butchery back in 1992. Our advantage was that Jan Potgieter (the Owner) operated in a high level technical environment his whole life.
If you want to jump in with the professional alarm systems that the professional Security industry install, it must be remembered that the alarm installation and alarm programming instructions will be for somebody with some more than basic knowledge of electronics and programming. There isn't’t a step by step tutorial or detailed drawings of how to design and install a proper alarm system. You will need to do a lot of research and reading to construct your DIY alarm system. Alarman only offer hands-on courses for people who are interested to take up an Alarman Franchise.
First, to install your DIY Alarm System you will need to be honest with your own abilities. Basically, an average knowledge of electricity, programming or electronics and practical skills will be required, similar to High School Practical Grade 12 or (South African National Technical Certificate Level N3) Alarman sold many Alarm Systems to Electrical and Electronic Engineers alike, who installed these systems successfully and even installed subsequent systems for fiends and family!
Second, you must decide which route you will follow regarding the new DIY alarm system. Will it be wired alarm system, wireless or a combination of the two technologies, called Hybrid Alarm Systems?
Hard wired DIY Alarm Security Systems will be the most difficult alarm system to install if you had no previous wiring experience. This option is normally the cheapest route to follow, but also the most time consuming. The trend at this time is to move away from hard wired alarm systems and only use them for items not possible to do in wireless configuration, like the outdoor perimeter security beams (Garrison or Optex type). The hard wired alarm system will not disappear from the market as all top quality professional alarm security systems are wired systems or hybrid alarm systems.
Wireless DIY Alarm Security Systems are by far the easiest to install. The advantages of ease of installation, design, size and almost no noticeable wires make it a all-time winner. You only need wires for power from the transformer, telephone link wires or control room radio and the external siren if desired. The ease to mix and match alarm peripherals within a specific Alarm manufacturers devices also make it fun. Like the indoor and outdoor Pet friendly Passives can easily be added, Smoke detectors, door contacts, Remote Panic Buttons are incorporated in the same remote used to do the Remote Arming of the Alarm System. Switch on flood lights when you arrive home. Etc. All with the push of a encrypted code hopping secure remote.
The DIY alarm equipment that is retailed by Alarman is from reputable manufacturers and these security systems are extremely reliable and effective. Upgrading in the future will also be easier as manufacturers tend to keep continuity in their range. This means that if you upgrade within the same manufacturer, you might not need to replace everything you have installed a few years ago. The only time this might be a problem is when technology make a big step forward, like the old Paradox “Omnia” Range that was replaced by the Paradox “Magellan” Range and the upgrade from the old Paradox Spectra to the new Spectra SP. Almost all new Magellan alarm equipment can be down tuned with the set of a DIP switch or jumper to work on the old Omnia alarm equipment.
Batteries for these alarm devices must be changed from time to time (± every 12/18 months). The modern Wireless Alarm Systems will indicate to you when a device needs new batteries. Paradox & MAMI makes use of std. commercially available batteries like the “AA” penlight and “AAA” mini penlight batteries in most of the wireless equipment. The remotes use the popular 2032 battery. Do not use rechargeable batteries as their Voltage is 1.2V and not 1.5V as required by these devises!
Hybrid DIY Alarm Security Systems are quite common these days. Alarman will normally recommend the hard wiring of the upper level of a house and use wireless devices for the outdoor alarm and ground level alarm components. It gives flexibility to the alarm system and there are no ugly bundles of wires glued to your premises that run from upper levels to the ground plane!
Almost all existing top end wired and wireless alarm systems will have a control panel, keypad, siren and peripherals like detectors, etc. This tradition is changing drastically with the introduction of the Paradox Magellan Console MG6250 alarm system. This unit incorporates all of the above and even adds some more useful functions to it with up to 64 wireless zones & GSM functions! It still has the size of a standard bedside clock radio, which it includes and much more. The prediction is that within 5 Years from now, 50% of all major alarm manufacturers will follow this route.
Add an GSM Alarm Module and operate the basic features of your alarm via your Cellular Phone from anyware. The MAMI GSM tracer offer similar features with less zones and a much reduced price to suit smaller installations like townhouses, flats and std. three bedroom houses.
DIY alarm security systems can be both challenging and very rewarding - this is where Alarman aims to help. We can, pre-program your DIY alarm system for you. This makes it easy for you to just install and enjoy!
Alarman can supply DIY Alarm Security Products to the enthusiast DIY person who wants to install his/her own security alarm system. This will be in kit form and extras may be added as required. Please refer to our Products & Services Tag on the top of this page and compile your system.
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