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Please note that Alarman do not install new Gate Motors, we only replace existing Centurion gate Motors.

This information is only retained for your benefit.

  1. In the past a gate motor was primarily used as a luxury item towards the home automation trend. As the violent crime increased in South Africa, it became a first line of defense security item.
  2. Selecting a gate motor became more than what meets the eye or the salesman’s smooth talk, think about the following:
    1. The gate motor must be very reliable
    2. It must be fast closing and opening - ≥ 18m/min (the older motors travel ±10m/min [ox wagon] while some new gate motors on the local market already travel +25m/min)
    3. The gate safety beams must preferably be of the closed circuit type
    4. The motor must be capable of indicating its status. I.e. open, closed or moving towards the open or moving towards the closed position. This is important if you cannot see the gate motor status from the point where you open the gate!
    5. The motor must have a separate  “pedestrian” opening function that does not open in full when activated and a auto-close facility not controllable by the operator
    6. Crush sensitivity must be adjustable to prevent major damage to vehicles or pedestrians, if it closes by accident onto some obstruction
    7. Remember, gate motor manufacturers and installers must comply to the same Act as commercial elevators
  3. Only install quality gate motors with the following requirements;
    1. Must comply with all of above plus meet the following criteria
                          i.      Must have a Battery back-up in the event of a power failure – at least one day normal operation. The industry std. is a 9Amp-Hour battery. At smaller domestic security complexes and light industrial sites we prefer a minimum of 18Amp-hour battery. Major sites can go up to 100Amp-hour
                          ii.      Must have basic surge protection on the controller board
                         iii.      Must be programmable to accommodate most clients’ needs
                         iv.      Must be able to accommodate any type of wireless remote control linked to it
                         v.     Must be well known in Gauteng with factory support in Pretoria and Johannesburg or at least in Midrand
                         vi.      Must have a reliable back-up and repair service in Gauteng area
vii.               Must be a stable manufacturer with regular improvements to the product, without compromising or neglecting compatibility to previous models (5 Years)
viii.             The product must implement modern manufacturing technology
For the above reasons we decided to sell the Centurion Gate Motor series, as well as the E.T. Gate Motor as a competitive alternative. Both Gate Motors proved good in more than one area and they are slightly more robust to light surges (5kAmp) compared to some of the others
Categorically we do not say that the other manufacturers don’t comply. Most of the other manufacturers also have very fine products to choose from. We just made a practical business decision as far as support, availability, general logistics and after sales service is concerned

  We no longer install new gate motors. We will only replace existing Centurion D3 & D5 gate motors with the new Centurion D5 EVO Motor. We decided to keep this information to assist you in making a better selection. Only use installers with a proven track record of 5 years experience minimum.