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  "Klik Hier" Om hierdie blad in Afrikaans te sien  
So much of the history of the struggle between good and evil can be explained by Edmund Burke's observation; "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Time and again those who profess to be good seem to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet those who are evil seem to prevail far too often. Seldom is it the numbers that determine the outcome, but whether those who claim to be good men, like all of us, are willing to stand up and fight or just get active for what they know to be right. There are numerous examples of this sad and awful scenario being played out over and over again in our society these days. We should all consider  joining a community watch or care group to support each other in a time of peace and crisis. Be vigilant and take note of irregular activities in the community. We don't want to be another statistic of crime in our community, just because we did not take the nessesary precautions.



The introduction of the popular Italian designed alarm system during 2015 to the South African market, namely INUM , is now available from ALARMAN. It proof to be the system that can lead the marked in the same way that Paradox did up to 2015. The perifirals available make it an exciting system to use for home and factory automation. The pricing is also competative compared to similar systems.

Alarman is proud to announce that we can offer the INIM Security system as an alternative to the popular Paradox alarm system that we sell. The INIM is an truly upmarked system. INIM is a fully hybrid system that accepts Bus devices,wireless and conventional alarm devices like the Paradox DG85 or any other existing conventional wired alarm device.

It is unique in the sense that it has a wireless PIR-Microwave indoor detector for harch environments like roofs, restautant kitchens and warehouses.

Alarman tested the INIM alarm system and installed it with great success. Alarman now offer the full INIM Security System as an supreme option for the upmarked house or business with arming senarios that cannot be mached by other alarm systems on the South African market.

All INIM Smart Living models (505, 515, 1050, 1050L, 10100L) from the SmartLiving series are certified in compliance with European CE Directives EN50131-3, EN50131-6 by IMQ Italy. The SmartLiving series is certified "state-of-the-art" as far as the applicable European directives and standards are concerned. The certification regards both the control panel and the peripherals it manages. All 5 of the SmartLiving series models are certified! All the features are identical in all models from the smallest upto the 200 zone 10100L. This makes it a winner as you only select your zone requirement and know you get "state-of-the-art" all the way!


Affordable DIY IP CCTV has arrived!

Please enquire about a IP CCTV solution for your home or business. Alarman now install IP CCTV equipment of up to 4MP (Ultra HD) and 5MP resolution for better zoom clarity, with 2MP (full HD) as the new entry std. We use the Provision-ISR as our platform for these installations because of their superior aftersale service and infield support. Alarman can do installations of the ols analoque, new AHD (Analoque High Definition) and IP based platforms up to 250 cameras on one network. The AHD is an ideal stup-up to improve the image quality of an old analoque system without the costly rewiring to convrt to IP who uses CAT5e (or CAT6 for longer distances up to250m) as on the standart computer networks. We also do microwave links to connect (uplink) remote cameras up to 10km on line-of-sight links.

We can also prepare an DIY IP based CCTV kit for the handiman and save him the installation cost.


Security DIY 

There are about 445 000 registered private security personnel in South Africa employed by 9 030 private security companies, compared with 158 000 members of the South African Police Service and about 6 000 Metro Police officers. This number excludes informal car guards, and there must be thousands of them serving car parks and streets all over the country. The large number of ordinary citizens taking part in neighbourhood watches all over the country should also be factored in.
Without private security, South Africa would descend into complete anarchy. If you feel unsafe, step up your own security. -Max Du Preez  
cited @ hd8Ettp://


Will insurers cover theft as a result of load shedding?

Hanna Barry

JOHANNESBURG – Publishing load shedding schedules, while efficient on the part of Eskom and helpful for consumers, is proving to be a boon for criminals and bane for insurance companies.
In the early hours of Monday morning, burglars helped themselves to 23 Apple Mac computers, worth R600 000, from a secure office complex in Bryanston after load shedding rendered an electric fence, electric locks and alarm system useless.
“Criminals are loving load shedding,” said Genesis CEO, Tim Lazarus, whose client suffered the loss.
In the knowledge that most security systems run on electricity and battery back-ups generally last only a few hours, criminals are planning their break-ins during power outages, Lazarus explained.
Power surges, meanwhile, which may occur when the power returns after an extended outage and send a dramatically increased flow of current to a wall outlet or electrical box, are frying appliances countrywide.
Lazarus said Genesis was getting five or six power surge claims a day.
Specialist high net worth insurance company, MUA Insurance Acceptances said that a power surge in the home of one of its clients blew up his electricity board and started a fire causing massive damage to his home.
MUA’s managing director, Christelle Fourie said the property was insured for “quite a few million”. The claim was still being assessed, but she estimated it could be in the region of R2 million.
Since the rolling blackouts of 2008, Fourie noted that a number of insurance policies now had restricted or no cover for power surges. “A number do still cover it, but for how long will we be able to continue?”, she asked, having recently paid a R750 000 claim for damage to audio visual equipment as a result of a load shedding-induced power surge.
Power surges were often covered under ‘Accidental Damage’ in an insurance policy, but within relatively low limits (around R10 000 to R30 000). “We’ve had a R250 000 claim where a client’s home theatre system was fried to nothing,” Lazarus said. On commercial insurance policies, the ‘All Risks’ section of the policy would provide some cover, but not for office equipment, he said.
Theft as a result of faulty alarms
Fourie pointed out that loss from power surges and theft as a result of load shedding were not risks that insurance companies had priced for. She said insurance for these events would either become very expensive or they would simply become uninsurable since the exposures were too big.
When it came to load shedding-related theft claims MUA would consider each claim on its own merits, Fourie said. “If we find that the policyholder had a habit of setting the alarm and the alarm was off because of load shedding, we will pay the claim.”
Lazarus and Fourie pointed out that almost all insurance policies included a clause to the effect that when premises were unoccupied the alarm must be operative and functional. Lazarus said three of six insurance MDs he spoke to say theft as a result of a dud alarm system caused by load shedding is not technically covered and they “cannot be blamed for Eskom’s shortcomings”.
Hollard, however, said it would pay personal and commercial lines claims if alarm systems were armed and operative before load shedding and load shedding caused the failure. “We would consider not paying a claim if the alarm failure was due to neglect,” said Warwick Bloom, head of group marketing at Hollard.
Similarly, Outsurance said it would pay claims. “As always, we are not “technical” in deciding on whether to settle a claim or not. In an instance where the client had no control over the circumstances, we will settle. That is after all why you have insurance,” said Willem Roos, Outsurance CEO.
Santam and Mutual & Federal had not responded before publishing. Neither had the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance (OSTI) given guidance as to how they would approach these claims.
For the majority of consumers who cannot afford generators, Fourie advised that burglar bars be considered and proper power surge protection installed in homes. “It’s better to try and prevent losses than think insurance companies will pay,” she said.

NEW! Wireless Jamming Detector for 433MHz wireless Alarm Systems!!!

Alarman now have a jamming detector that can be installed on your alarm system to detect whenever somebody is trying to jam your alarm. It is linked to the panic or any other zone and programmed as an 24hour zone like panic. This must be linked to a n hard wired zone that is not effected by wireless interferance.

The unit can be programmed for different time duration of interference.

Please enquire about this superb product.

Alarman Client Remarks

What our clients say about us

 Beste Jan en Gerda

Baie dankie vir die professionele en vriendelike diens met die installasie van ons alarmstelsel.

Hierby aangeheg die transaksie bewys vir die bedrag soos per faktuur.


Adv TJ Kruger


Goeie naand Gerda

Ek erken ontvangs van die faktuur vir uitstekende diens soos altyd gelewer.

Laat weet asb vir my die bank besonderhede dat ek die faktuur kan betaal.

Baie dankie en groete aan Jan.

Gerry Mattheyse


Jan / Gerda,
Baie dankie vir julle bereidwilligheid en goeie kwaliteit werk. Vind aangeheg bewys van betaling soos per staat ontvang.
Deon Hyman (Pro. Eng)

Beste Jan,

Dankie vir die werk by ons RSA woning, vind aangeheg die bewys van betaling.


Dr. Robert Drummont

CCTV News 

 New HD-SDI CCTV Digital Serial Interface Technology using existing analog cabling and rendering Digital IP Quality pictures up to 2MPixel. This equipment is an  alternative to IP systems, came down in price! It is now called AHD, but not compatable with the older HD-SDI equipment.

As the world was surprised by the quality of IP based CCTV, so we are surprises by the introduction of HD-SDI into the CCTV market. The technology is not new, as a matter of fact it is used for many years already in the "high end" studio and sport recordings of the broadcasting industry for HD TV.

More than one CCTV product manufacturer now start producing AHD CCTV Equipment for mas marketing in the Security World. The advantage is that the existing CCTV installer need not to be an IT expert to instal the HD-SDI equipment because it uses the same installation techniques as the older and very familiar analog CCTV systems. Immediately some questions arise as we reed these lines! Are there any hidden catches to this? Can we just swap the cameras and DVR and everything is OK?

Yes there are some basic principles to adhere to. Here are some of the potholes in this wonderfull highway to CCTV heaven! Pixel loss will occur in the following conditions:

♦Existing CCTV installations with poor quality copper.

♦Long distances over 80m.

♦Poor power supply to the camera

Alarman Security News

A man (with a Nigerian accent) came over and offered his services as a painter to a lady putting petrol into her car and left his card.
She said no but accepted his card out of kindness and got in the car.
The man then got into a car driven by another gentleman.
As the lady left the service station she saw the men following her at the same time.
Almost immediately she started to feel dizzy and could not catch her breath.
She tried to open the window and realized that the odor was on her hand -- the same hand that she had used to accept the card from the gentleman at the petrol station.
She then noticed that the men were immediately behind her and she felt she needed to do something at that moment.
She drove into the first driveway and began to hoot repeatedly to ask for help.
The men drove away but the lady still felt pretty poorly for several minutes until she could finally catch her breath.
Apparently there was a substance on the card that could have seriously injured / incapacitated her.
This drug is called 'BURUNDANGA' and it is used by people who wish to incapacitate a victim in order to steal from or take advantage of them.
This drug is four times more dangerous than the date-rape drug and is transferable on simple cards.
So take heed and make sure you don't accept cards at any given time alone or from someone on the streets.
This applies to those making house calls and slipping you a card when they offer their services.
Burundanga is a drug made from the plant called either cacao sabanero or borrachero. It is used to drug unsuspecting tourists in order to rob them.


New BurglarSpray Slave Module

Alarman now manufacture the BurglarSpray Slave unit for use with any existing alarm system. Simply mount the unit in the area that must be protected and program the existing alarm to trigger an output (PGM) when the existing PIR in that area pick up intruders. That then will trigger the BurglarSpray Slave Unit to spray gas for the programmed time of that PGM from the existing alarm panel.

New Robbery methods     

They have a new way to rob you now!
A friend sent me this email and I am sending it on to my Friends Wednesday, I approached my truck from the passenger side to place my computer bag (ok, my male purse) in the front passenger seat. 
As I reached to open the door I noticed there was a hole right under my door handle. My first thought was, "someone has shot my truck!"
I began to think about it and inspect it a little closer and the "light" slowly began to come on.
I phoned my friend who owns a body shop and asked if he had any vehicles with damage to the doors that looked like a bullet hole. 
"Yes, I see it all the time. Thieves have a punch and place it right under the door handle, knock a hole through, reach in and unlock it, just as if they have a key. 
No alarms, broken glass or anything. I then placed a call to my insurance agent and explained it to him I was puzzled that they left my GPS and all other belongings. Here is where it gets scary!
"Oh no, he said, they want the break-in to be so subtle that you don't even realize it. They look at your GPS to see where "home" is. 
Now they know what you drive, go to your home, and if your vehicle isn't there they assume you aren't and break in your home."
He says they will even leave a purse or wallet and only take one or two credit cards. 
By the time you realize there has been a theft, they may have already had a couple days or more to use them.
I didn't realize my situation for two full days! 
They even give you the courtesy of re-locking your doors for you.
Periodically walk around your car, daily if you are in a shopping center or other parking area. 
Report thefts immediately.... your bank w/missing check numbers, your credit card agencies, police, and insurance companies, etc.

Security Statistics that must alarm you!

Dr. Rudolph Zinn, from the Department of Forensic Investigations at UNISA presented the following findings of an investigation into trends in house robberies in South Africa. The study included responces from convicted criminals for house robberies. Dr. Zinn het dit Uit die perd se bek gekry!

Some of the security investigation findings are listed below for your general awareness.

House robberies are - up by 13,5%

House robbers who have committed a murder or won't hesitate to kill - up by 30%

Residential robberies with inside information up by 80%

New robbers in the market that left jobs to commit robberies - up by 17%

50% of RSA house robberies occur in Gauteng.

17% of house robbers are foreigners

Average age of house robbers is between 19 &26 years.

Most victims are effluent persons who openly display their wealth.

Robbers monitor the premises and movements to formulate a plan of attack.

Robbers monitor the armed responce reaction times.

57% of attacks occur between 19:00 and midnight as people are relaxedand security systems are are not activated.

Robberies continue until 04:00 in the morning.

Biggest deterrent confirmed by robbers are small dogs kept inside the house.

Alarm systems and armed reaction services are not a great deterrent.

Electric Fences, CCTV & Outdoor Detection Beams do however deter robbers.

Average stolen per robbery is R5 000.

Only 35% of robbers stole for basic needs, while 65% enjoy the money to buy cars, fancy clothes etc.

A average of 97% of robbers are armed.

Average robbery gang size is four with up to ten people involved in Petrol Station armed robberies.

On average robbers will commit 103 robberies over a seven year period before being caught.

97% commit crime for financial gain.

This will make you re-think your security!

Flood Lights 

Alarman now make provision to operate flood lights (also 12Volt LED lights) triggered from the alarm system in case of an alarm activation. This works exceptionally well if you have outdoor protection. The intruder finds himself all of a sudden surrounded by light and a screaming alarm system to announce his arrival. The intruder normally “disappears” from the seen!

The flood lights can also be switched on from the Alarm Remote Control. This is handy when you arrive home and need extra surveillance light at the premises. Some also use it whenever they have a “Braai” or party to give some additional illumination.

The Connections from the control box that Alarman build to the existing or new lights must be done by your local electrician.

Client News

Our first Client!

Alarman wants to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal clients over the past years for making us one of the best!

We gladly introduce our first client, who is still our loyal client to this day
Small Fry Butchery, Wierda Park.

First premises alarm installed 15 April 1992

Second premises alarm installed 31 Oct 1997

Thank you Gerald & Rita Nelson, we appreciate your support over the years.