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Solar Power
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Solar Panels

Solar panels generate electrical power literally cost free after installation. We use the energy from the sun to generate electricity via the solar panels. They convert the sunlight that they draw directly into electricity; this form of power is very friendly to the environment, as there are no wasted resources, harmful gases or chemicals that are used in producing this power.
The three types of solar panels are mono crystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous.
The differences between the panels are as follows:
Mono crystalline – All crystals face the same direction. This form of solar panel is the most effective, but is a lot more expensive. Slices are cut at sizes of 0,2 and 0,4 mm thick. These are then put together as individual cells, wired together in the panel. Manufacturing temperature is around 1400 degrees Celsius.
Polycrystalline – Crystal faces have different directions, grains are not parallel and can also be called multi-crystalline. These panels are less expensive, but are also less efficient. The cells are not single crystals but a block of many crystals. Manufacturing temperature is a bit lower than Mono crystalline at about 900 degrees Celsius.
Amorphous – This is the angle of the adjustable solar panel, which can be changed two or more times during the year. This helps increase the solar output by approximately 25%.
Ensure that you have a good amount of sunlight between 09:00 to 16:00. We do not advise that solar panels be placed in the shade. It must also be taken in account that excessive heat build up can cause the panel to be less efficient. For this reason the solar panels must be well ventilated and there should always be spacing around the panels, this will ensure that there is sufficient cooling and also ensure that the panels do not build up to much heat.
Solar panels should always face the equator for effective coverage. So if you are living in the southern hemisphere, the solar panels would face in a northern direction. Make sure that the panels have enough spare capasity for that rainy days that can last 4-7 days on occation. The battery capacity must also be suitable for those rainy days.
Solar power is a very cost effective way of ensuring constant power to any security system and emergancy LED lights.
Alarman Security Systems is selling quality solar panels and Regulators