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Paradox Wired Outdoor PIR MG-NV780 2x12m
Paradox Wired Outdoor PIR MG-NV780 2x12m 
Brand : Paradox 
Category : Alarm Systems 
Sub Category : Paradox Wired Devices 
Product Code : ACP-PIR-PAR-DG-NV780-DUAL 

Paradox Wired Outdoor PIR NV780 Dual Sided, Horizontal Pet lens 2x12m

Alarman Tested and Recommended: 100% Performance as per Specifications.


Advanced Digital Technology:

Two double passive infrared motion detector with eight narrow detection beams, managed by Full Authority Digital Electronics Control (FADEC)

High-resolution and full dynamic range digital signal conversion

High-speed, advanced algorithm digital signal processing

Digital EMI / RFI interference rejection

True Pet Immunity, up to 40kg

Advanced Optical Technology:

4x dual element sensors arrangement

High efficiency long focal point (1.77") lens, providing long-range narrow beams

2 pairs of narrow beams per side provide 2x signals per protected area crossing for increased "catch" and false alarm rejection

Combination optics of mirror reflector and 2nd generation Fresnel "LoDiff" Lens

Increased white light rejection

Dual tamper detection (removal of cover or unit)

Easy Installation and Setup:

Single or Dual Zone operation modes: two sides can report to a single zone or to two separate zones

Optical and digital range adjustments

Bright LED and buzzer indicator for clear adjustment feedback

No need for PCB removal

Wall mounts, with built-in level tool

In-field firmware upgradable via serial port

Also available in wireless

Units : each 
  Price :
R 2 203,62
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