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GSM Gate Control Module
GSM Gate Control Module 
Brand : MAMI 
Category : Access Control 
Sub Category : Gate Access GSM 
Product Code : GSM Mini Gate 

GSM Stand alone Single Output Remote Control Module for Devices

Control Single inputs for:

Gate Motors

Alarm Systems

Borehole Pumps

Up to 400 users

Sold without a SIM Card

Operate from a Cellphone number programmed into the unit, giving it a missed call.

Very easy to program via SMS string.

Add or delete numbers with a SMS string containing the master PIN Code. Default code is 1234 but can be changed by the master user/system administrator.

To delete a number, send this SMS string: *1234 delln 27824567890*

1234 in this case is the master PIN Code & 27 the Int. Area Code without the + in front & 824567890 the Cell number

Ideal for households and small townhouse complexes as no loose conventional handheld remotes  are required.

Lot cheaper than a Receiver and 5 Remote controls.

Very safe as no remotes can be lost.

Works on any RSA cellphone network

Units : each 
  Price :
R 1 469,46
R 1 160,00
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