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BurglarSpray, Compact 300 Wireless GSM Alar1
BurglarSpray, Compact 300 Wireless GSM  Alar1 
Brand : BurglarSpray 
Category : Burglar Spray 
Sub Category : Domestic 

BurglarSpray, Pepper Spray Discharge Unit. Compact 100 Wireless Alarm Kit with GSM

Complete Kit Contain:

Box with complete spray meganism and control electronics.

LED status Indication.

2x Remote Controls.

Build-in Receiver.

Build-in GSM unit.

100ml Training Gas.

100ml HIGHLY Active SWAT Ops Pepper Spray with 'non flaming' propellant.

7Ah Back-up Battery.


Build-in Sound Bomb.

Wireless PIR (Not pet friendly) not shown in picture.

Box size: 298W x 285H x 76D


Advanced Microprocessor Controlled

Program via SMS up to 8 Telephone Nos to send SMS on BurglarSpray Activation, Power Failure or Arming Status

Arm & Disarm via SMS from any Cellphone

Confirmation SMS on Arming, Disarming and Gas Sprayed from the System

Additional BurglarSpray Slave Units may be connected via wireless link

Standby use (no charging):

±48h with 7.2Ah Battery

Buil-in GSM module.

Separate Transformer:

Build-in Receiver for Remote Arming with Remote Control.

Easy Installation


Spray time can be adjusted by client to suit area to be volumized by OC gas. Many Slave units may be wirelessly linked from this unit to cover large areas like workshops or factories.

5 Seconds spray per unit will volumize ±150 Cubic Meter still air in the same room

±3-7 activations per 300ml bottle (±35 seconds total spray duration) depending on the selected spray duration

(In case of activation, ventilate contaminated area for ±3 hours to clear the OC gas and wipe contaminated surfaces with damp soapy cloth)

Non Flammable Pepper Spray supplied by SWAT OPS, also used by many law enforcement agencies in SA  including the South African Police Services.

This specific OC gas is Legal.

This is a highly reliable unit.

Build-in GSM Module

The GSM unit immediately will send SMS's to an maximum of 8 programmed Cell phone numbers

Cellphone numbers can easily be changed by user via SMS instruction to the unit.

GSM Module may be programmed to send SMS status of Armed, Disarmed, Activated, Trouble Conditions like Mains Fail System & PIR Low Battery.

System can be armed / Disarmed via a SMS to the unit. The unit will return an SMS with the new panel status.

Airtime can be loaded by sending the new airtime activation PIN Code to the unit.

When armed and an activation (intruder) occur, the alarm will delay for 3 seconds to "better" align the intruder. Then the gas will discharge for the programmed time of up to 15 seconds and the system will wait for 60 seconds to detect any further activation. On an secondary detection after 60 seconds, the alarm will sound again followed by an Pepper Gas Spray. This will normally immobilize the intruder. 


12 Months Warranty on unit - excluding vandalism, Lightning & electrical surges

3 Months Warranty on Battery

 Advantages of pepper spray

stops almost any burglar

acts within seconds compared to CS and CN which take ±60 sec & are illegal

work on suspects that are drunk, drugged or psychotic

is medically a lot safer than  illegal Mace and it is legal

 LED Indication Output:  

System Armed & System Activated while Armed.

  Siren Output:

Sound bomb mounted inside and will give a tactile beep on "Arming" and "Disarming" the system


One Wireless PIR mounted in the detection area. An optional second detector may be mounted away from the box on a separate zone input. Ideal when used with a slave for big areas. With the advantage of wireless is that the unit can drive many slave units, each with its own PIR for proper coverage if required. We will gladly quote on this type of configuration.

Service Intervals on the BurglarSpray Commercial Pepper Gas Unit

Recommend battery check every 12 months and BurglarSpray Gas bottle replacement every 36 months. This is a highly reliable unit with complex protection circuitry to protect unit against false alarms.

When armed and an activation (intruder) occur, the alarm will not sound for a few seconds as programmed in order to align and surprise the intruder. Then the gas will discharge for the pre-programmed time and the system will wait for 60 seconds to detect any further activity. On a secondary detection, the alarm will sound again followed by a Pepper Gas Spray. This will normally immobilize the intruder.

Arm/disarm the unit with remote or Cellphone via SMS message (Network card not included)

Work on any local network: Cell C, MTN, Vodacom


♦ Second Wireless PIR for improved coverage may be added afterwards. Pre-programmed by Alarman. No user programming required, just mount in range of Main Unit and it will work.

♦ Extra Remotes may be added. Also ready to use as programming by Alarman for each unit.

Similar Remotes & PIR's obtained from other distributors will not work as each unit is indivisually coded as a Kit.

If preferred by client, Alarman will Safekeep records of each unit's configuration for future additions .

Units : each 
  Price :
R 5 295,04
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